Our Story & Purpose

In the late 60s and 70s, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa was the epicenter of the “Jesus Movement” in Southern California, welcoming new followers of Jesus Christ from the hippie counterculture to contemporary worship gatherings with expository, through-the-Bible teaching by Pastor Chuck Smith. The Bible school was founded by the church in 1975 to meet the needs of the many believers who needed a stronger relationship with God to prepare them for the challenges of secular college and life in the world. It was also intended to provide a place where committed Christians could seek God’s calling and will for their lives as they studied the Word of God. Finally, it served to help Christians discover and develop their spiritual gifts and equip them for serving in their churches, families, and all other areas of life.

In keeping with this original vision, our mission is Christ-centered, biblical education; “to strengthen the Church, through the light of God’s Word, for service in the world” (Acts 14:22Psalm 119:28105Ephesians 4:11-32John 14:6John 17:15-17Matthew 5:14-16).

We devote ourselves to “learning Christ” primarily by studying God’s written Word—the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments—which show us the character and will of God and nourish us as we grow to be more like Jesus Christ, the living Word of God (John 1:1).

Jesus invites us to study Scripture in a personal relationship with him (John 5:39-40), to learn from him (Matthew 11:29), and to live out his teaching as a solid foundation for all of life (Matthew 7:29). Best of all, he promised that his Holy Spirit—the same Spirit who was active in the authors of the Bible—will be available to guide his followers as we learn and grow (John 14:26).

Come and join us!


CCBC Staff