BC301 Biblical Counseling (2 credits)

This course is a biblical study of the nature of counseling. Emphasis is given to biblical passages pertaining to counseling, what counseling is, who is to do counseling, how to be equipped for counseling, major aspects of counseling, and significant warnings top Christians concerning secular counseling methods. The aim is that students would be personally counseled by our great Counselor, Jesus Christ; that they would be more fully equipped to provide practical and effective counseling to those in the body of Christ; and that they would be led by the Holy Spirit to use their knowledge in discipleship, ministry, and counseling according to God’s calling.

CL111 Community Chapel (1 credit)

The purpose of this course is for students to experience and better understand corporate worship, prayer, and life in Christian community with fellow believers. This is an online course that combines “field” experience, reflective journaling, reading reports, and online discussions.

CL341 Women of the Bible (2 credits)

This course studies ordinary women from the Bible and from contemporary life whom God used in extraordinary ways. The purpose of studying the lives of these women is that students will be able to learn from their example of their lives and lifestyles.

CL342 Men of the Bible (2 credits)

In this class, students will study the faithful lives of service and obedience of a broad selection of men in the Bible. By their example, students will seek how to more faithfully follow Christ, as the admirable men of the Bible did.

CL349 Discipleship/Life in Christ (2 credits)

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ means being his apprentice in every aspect of life. In this class, students and instructors will partner in studying Christian formation—how one grows into being more like Jesus. Primary attention will be given to Jesus’ method of teaching and shaping disciples. We will pursue a clearer understanding of the gospel message and its relevance in a changing world. The practices of Bible reading and prayer, along with other “habits of grace”, will be explored, since these are part of walking in the Spirit and continuing to grow in the character of Jesus. As disciples of Jesus, students will seek to develop the mind of Christ, the love of Christ for God and others, and a life that faithfully follows the example of Christ.

CL363 Bible Memorization (1 credit)

Through this course, students will increase in their knowledge and appreciation of Scripture by 1) meditating on and memorizing a whole book of the Bible, 2) reciting the book in its entirety, and 3) reflecting on their experience of learning Scripture, describing ways in which their memorization work might enhance their worship of God, growth in the character of Jesus Christ, and their ability to serve others.

CM199 Practical Christian Ministry (1 or 2 credits)

This course contributes toward CCBC’s mission “To Know God and Equip His Servants” by training students to apply the knowledge they gain in their classes to practical, hands-on areas of service in and through their local churches. Students will reflect on Jesus Christ’s service to others and his mission “not to be served, but to serve” (Mark 10:45), as well as his “taking the form of a servant” (Phil. 2:7). Students will (1) select and volunteer to serve in a practical area of service through their local home church or another Christian ministry, and (2) complete assignments that require reading and reflection on their service in light of Scripture.

Mission Training Courses

MI301 Missions 1: The Big Picture (2 credits)

This course will expose students to the movement of the Holy Spirit on a global scale. The aim is to inspire the students to make a fresh commitment to Jesus and to be used by Him in new and radical ways. They will be deeply challenged by God’s word and the testimonies of men and women who are living out the book of Acts today. By the end of this course, students will be prepared and zealous to step out of their comfort zone and answer God’s call to fulfill the Great Commission.

MI312 Missions 2: Understanding Culture (2 credits)

Cross-cultural misunderstanding is the greatest hindrance in the spread of the Gospel and in the success of an international missionary. This class will equip the missionary to effectively understand their new culture and genuinely love and lead the people to whom God has called them to minister. The student will learn how God the Father is “a missionary God” and how Jesus was the perfect cross-cultural missionary. The student will analyze their birth culture and God’s culture. Finally, the student will be able to understand their new culture and how to best represent and teach God’s word in a cross-cultural environment.

MI309 Missions 3: Preparing to Go (3 credits)

This third-level missions course is designed to prepare missionaries and their sending pastors for the challenges that will face both parties as they engage in long-term missions. Each class will be a practical, interactive discussion between veteran missionaries, missions pastors, and new missionaries preparing to go. With such a wide variety of novice and experienced missionaries, we will be able to answer the most common questions and hear from those that have spent a lifetime trusting God on the mission field. This course has two main objectives. First, to provide those that God is calling to the mission field with the necessary personal training required to start strong and finish well. Second, to encourage a deep, abiding partnership between the missionary and their sending church.

CH321 Missionary Biographies (2 credits)

This course explores the lives of various well-known Christian missionaries in history, particularly those of the “Great Century of Missions”, the 1800s. Each week, this class takes an in-depth look at the life and ministry of a different missionary in order to draw out practical life lessons as well as develop a greater perspective of ministry on the mission field.

Bible Survey Courses

NT301 New Testament Survey I: Matthew–Acts (3 credits)

NT302 New Testament Survey II: Romans–Revelation (3 credits)

OT301: Old Testament Survey I: Genesis–Job (3 credits)

OT302: Old Testament Survey II: Psalms–Malachi (3 credits)

These four CCBC Bible Survey courses guide students though every passage of the Bible, combining expositional teaching, textbook reading and quizzes, and Bible summary and application assignments, all designed to help students gain a thorough knowledge of the “whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27).

NT351 Matthew (3 credits)

In Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus is presented as King, the Messiah that was promised by God to the nation of Israel. Matthew, a Jew, wrote to a Jewish audience with the purpose of revealing the truth of Jesus as the Christ. In this class, students will study the Gospel of Matthew, taking a close look at the both the teachings and ministry of Jesus in order to gain a fuller and deeper insight into the heart of God.

NT352 Mark (2 credits)

The theme of the Gospel of Mark is summed up in Mark 10:45: “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” In this class, students will learn about Jesus as a servant, and how they can follow His example and serve others.

NT353 Luke (2 credits)

The story of Jesus Christ is the most important and most captivating story in all of history. In this course, students will study this story as told by Luke in his Gospel. The course will focus on the time, place, circumstances, and people involved in the events of our Lord’s time on earth, as well as Christ’s works and words, especially in light of Old Testament history and prophecy.

NT354 John (3 credits)

The Gospel of John is a historical, theological, and practical narrative of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. On a historical level, it highlights Jesus’ three-year ministry, climaxing with His atoning death and victorious resurrection from the dead. On a theological level, it shows us that Jesus is the Incarnate Son of God, the Savior of the world. On a practical level, it teaches us that God grants eternal life to all who believe in Jesus, receiving Him as their one and only Savior. In this class, students are expected to gain a clear understanding of the Gospel of John, highlighting the doctrines and principles it contains, resulting in a deeper and more effective relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ.

NT355 Acts (3 credits)

The book of Acts provides the historical narrative of the birth of the Church. The Church, birthed in power through the influence of the Holy Spirit, created the Biblical foundation and basis of our theological footing as Christians, thus providing us the example church. This class dissects the ministry of the Holy Spirit as He moves in the equipping and calling of saints to faith in action, whereby ordinary people accomplish the extraordinary. The book is approach with dedication to observation, interpretation, and application of what is taught therein.

NT356 Romans (3 credits)

While the four Gospels present the words and works of Jesus Christ in person and deity, the book of Romans explores the significance of His sacrificial death in revealing the heart of God. Using a question and answer format, Paul’s presentation of doctrine and theology is considered so convincing that it has been used in law school courses as an example of how to present a position. However, the book of Romans is not only a masterful piece of doctrine and theology; it is also a book of practical exhortation and application for the Christian to live the life of righteousness in Jesus Christ.

NT357 I Corinthians (2 credits)

The book of 1 Corinthians reveals that the spirit of the city had invaded the church at Corinth like a virus. Every evil thing which Paul referred to the in the church was prevalent in the culture of Corinth. When the church catches the spirit of its age, it catches a disease and becomes anemic, weak, and sickly. By studying this book, students will learn how to avoid catching this spirit by staying spiritually healthy and by constantly applying the message of the Cross.

NT369 Hebrews (2 credits)

The book of Hebrews is one of the most doctrinally significant books in the Bible. Its theme is Jesus, the perfect High Priest and perfect sacrifice. Although deeply rooted in Old Testament Scripture, Hebrews has much application for the believer today. In this class, students will be encouraged to trust the sufficiency of Christ and to walk by faith even when tested.

NT370 James (2 credits)

The book of James is all about faith being proved authentic by practice. A believer’s faith will always be tested through trials and persecution, but only faith that has been tested can be trusted and ready for resistance. In this class, students will closely study the wisdom of the book of James and apply the principles within to examine and strengthen their own faith.

NT392 Philippians & Colossians (2 credits)

This course consists of a verse-by-verse study of Paul’s letters to the Philippians and Colossians. Students will seek to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the books, both technically, and theologically, including a firm grasp of any disputed passages and corresponding theological controversies, with the ultimate goal of growing in their spiritual understanding and application of Christ-centered doctrine.

NT407 Galatians & Ephesians (2 credits)

In Paul’s epistles to the Galatians and Ephesians, he writes to the churches of the region and to the churches throughout the centuries, warning them of the false teachers to come. In the epistle to the Galatians, the apostle Paul defends the freedom provided by faith, rather than the bondage of works. In the epistle to the Ephesians, students will learn their position in Christ and how it is important to live it daily. These two epistles will reveal the believers’ spiritual blessings, privileges, and responsibilities in Christ.

NT409 Pastoral Epistles (2 credits)

The Pastoral Epistles, 1& 2 Timothy and Titus, were written by Paul to encourage and instruct his two protégés regarding false teachers, proper worship, selecting church leaders, and a variety of other topics. These books are highly practical and very applicable, and their value to those in church leadership today should not be underestimated. The purpose of this course is to form a biblical understanding of God-honoring ministers, ministry, and members in the body of Christ.

OT310 Genesis (3 credits)

The book of Genesis is known as “The Book of Beginnings”. In this course, students will examine the Creation narrative, the introduction of sin into the world, and the revelation of God’s plan of redemption through the lives of the Patriarchs. Through the study, students will contemplate God’s attributes as they see the earliest examples of His love, mercy, and grace.

OT316 Judges (2 credits)

The book of Judges contains perhaps the clearest picture of God’s mercy, long-suffering, and covenant love in the entire Old Testament. In this course, students will gain a historical and theological understanding of the events recorded in Judges; however the approach to this book is not simply academic. Much is revealed about the nature of our loving, almighty God, and thorough study of the book of Judges should properly result in a greater reliance on God in walking in obedience to Him.

OT335 Ezekiel (3 credits)

The book of Ezekiel is full of prophecies that find their fulfillment in the New Testament, and it also has application for the life of every believer. In this class, students will study the prophecies of Ezekiel that were fulfilled in the New Testament, as well as those which have not yet been fulfilled, in order to fully understand the implications of these prophecies both for the nation of Israel and for the Church today.

OT355 Proverbs & Ecclesiastes (2 credits)

This class is a verse-by-verse study of the book of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. The major teaching of these books is that “the fear of the Lord” is the essence of true wisdom for living (Prov. 1:7; Eccl. 12:13). Students will also study the ways in which Jesus Christ embodies the ultimate “wisdom of God” (1 Cor. 1:30; Col. 2:3). Overall, the aim is that students would grow in wisdom and glorify God by living with excellence.

TH301 Theology: Survey of Bible Doctrine (2 credits)

This course consists of a survey of the main doctrines of the Christian faith. The course is designed to help students broaden their knowledge of God, increase their love for Him, and deepen their trust in Him through organizing, understanding, and summarizing what the Bible teaches concerning essential theological issues.

TH311 The Biblical Narrative/History of Redemption (2 credits)

This biblical theology course is an overview of the Bible and its overarching storyline. It helps students gain a deeper understanding of God’s redemptive work through Christ, beginning with Creation in Genesis and ending with the New Creation in Revelation. This survey of the Bible will be approached from two perspectives: (1) the works of God (what God has done and is accomplishing in the biblical view of history), and (2) the words of God (what God has spoken and revealed in Scripture).

TH339 Worldviews (2 credits)

In a world characterized by thousand different philosophical and religious opinions, Christians are called by God to stand as lights of truth, which is ultimately revealed in Jesus Christ. The purpose of this course is to prepare the student for engaging the world today, with a confident understanding of a biblical, Christ-centered worldview, so as to communicate the gospel clearly with those who hold to competing worldviews. Students will develop a clear definition of worldview, compare common worldviews and ethical systems, and demonstrate a clear understanding of a biblical worldview.

TH363 Apologetic Evangelism (2 credits)

The purpose of this course is to equip the student according to the biblical command to defend and share the Christian faith. The course consists of systematic examination and evaluation of the overall argument for the truthfulness of Christianity. Students will be equipped with tools to become more proficient evangelists, will become more knowledgeable in the doctrines of biblical Christianity, and be able to discern and respond to false teachings about God and his world.

Bible Study Methods

TH416 Bible Study Methods (2 credits)

This class is an introductory course in which students will learn to study the Bible for personal growth in Christlikeness and for helping others to grow. It is designed to equip Christians to value, read, study, apply, and share the truth of the Bible in a way that honors God and accomplishes His purposes. Students will learn to use excellent Bible study tools, distinguish between excellent and poor Bible reading and study methods, and develop and practice a reliable method for observing, interpreting, and applying the Bible.

TH417 Inductive Bible Study

This course is designed to teach students how to study God’s word inductively through careful observation, interpretation, and application. Students will learn how to dig deep into Scripture, and from their studies they will learn how to prepare Bible studies to effectively lead others in studying the Bible.