Bachelor of Biblical Studies

Total of 120 credits required // Cumulative GPA of 2.0
Minimum of 25% (30 credits) directly through CCBC (balance may be transferred from other institutions).

Designed for students who have earned some college credit at other institutions or those have earned a previous associate or bachelor degree, this program combines the requirements of the Associate of Biblical Studies program with additional General Studies requirements.

Program Learning Outcomes:

  1. Exhibit knowledge of the Bible, theology, and the essence of the gospel by interpreting, applying, and communicating Scripture in ways that strengthen relationship with God (CLOs 1 and 2).
  2. Apply biblical insight and Christ-like values to various aspects of Christian practice, work, human relationships, and ministry as a foundation for life (CLOs 2 and 3).
  3. Articulate knowledge of the major domains of general studies in light of a biblical worldview (CLO 2).

Further Information on General Studies Courses

General Studies courses are required for all associate and bachelor degrees. These courses may be transferred to CCBC from a separate, DOE recognized, accredited institution. Transferable general studies courses must be: 1) college-level (typically listed as 100-level), not remedial or preparatory, 2) “general” in nature, not specifically vocational or technical, 3) passed with a grade of C– or better. The following list shows representative courses under each category.

English Communication & Critical Thinking (6 credits min.)

    • English Composition
    • Research Writing
    • Creative Writing
    • Speech Communication
    • Interpersonal/Intercultural Communication
    • Critical Thinking

Arts & Humanities (6 credits min.)

    • Art Appreciation
    • Music Appreciation
    • Theatre Appreciation
    • Literature
    • Philosophy
    • Ethics
    • Physical Education
    • Foreign Language

Natural Sciences & Mathematics (6 credits min.)

  • Life Science (Biology)
  • Physical Geography
  • Astronomy
  • Health Science
  • College Mathematics
  • Statistics

Social & Behavioral Sciences (6 credits min.)

    • History of World Civilization/American History
    • Cultural Anthropology
    • Human Behavior and Mental Processes (Psychology)
    • Sociology
    • Government
    • Economics

Additional General Studies/Liberal Arts Courses (12 credits min.)

  • May vary, but should be selected to help the student gain a broad understanding of God’s world. These are not to be technical or vocational courses, but may include general courses such as Business Administration, Marketing, Accounting, Personal Finance, Computer Science, or Engineering.

Course Requirements

Bible Core Classes: Eight courses are required, one from each section of Scripture (20-24 credits. These are representative courses which serve to introduce their respective section of Scripture.)


  • Genesis or Pentateuch (3 credits)
  • One book from OT History (from Joshua—Esther) (2 or 3 credits)
  • One book from OT Poetry & Wisdom (or Ecclesiastes & Song of Songs) (2 or 3 credits)
  • One book from OT Prophets (from Isaiah—Daniel, or Minor Prophets) (2 or 3 credits)
  • One of the Four Gospels (2 or 3 credits)
  • Acts (3 credits)
  • Romans (3 credits)
  • Revelation (3 credits)



Foundations Core Classes: Three specific courses are required (2 or 3 credits each)


  • Bible Study Methods (or Inductive Bible Study)
  • Missions
  • Theology (or Major Bible Doctrines)



Additional Foundations Classes: Two courses of the students’ choice are required (2 or 3 credits each)


  • Prayer
  • Christian Living (or Discipleship or Christian Formation)
  • Apologetics (or Worldviews)
  • History of Redemption (or Storyline of the Bible)
  • Church History
  • Bible Study Methods 2 (or Hermeneutics)
  • Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ
  • Evangelism
  • Disciple-Making


Bible Surveys (online courses, partly comprised of “Through the Bible” w/ Chuck Smith): Four courses are required, covering the whole Bible (12 credits)


  • OT Survey 1 (3 credits)
  • OT Survey 2 (3 credits)
  • NT Survey 1 (3 credits)
  • NT Survey 2 (3 credits)



Practical Christian Ministry: Four courses are required (typically 2 credits each, 8 credits total)


  • CM199 Practical Ministry/Servanthood 1
  • CM199 Practical Ministry/Servanthood 2
  • CM199 Practical Ministry/Servanthood 3
  • CM199 Practical Ministry/Servanthood 4



General Studies: 36 credits minimum, distributed in the following domains:


  • English Comm. & Critical Thinking (6 cr.)
  • Arts & Humanities (6 cr.)
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics (6 cr.)
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences (6 cr.)
  • Additional General Studies/Liberal Arts Courses (12 cr.)



Undefined Electives: 19–38 credits


Evangelistic Outreach: One required (Pass/Fail, not for credit)