Fall 2017 Class Registration is Open!

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Students tell us that the number one reason they attend Bible college is to have a better relationship with God. As this happens, a surprising and priceless side benefit also develops—better relationships with fellow disciples of Jesus Christ. As we get closer to God, we find that we also get closer to other people who are doing the same.

The internet offers nearly unlimited access to information about the Bible that we can delve into on our own, from just about anywhere. But there is something special about learning the Bible with other people, where you can “know and be known.” In a Bible class, you are in community with a diverse yet unified group of people who are there for the same reason you are, with a teacher who can respond to your concerns and questions, who cares about your learning and what it means for your life outside of class. You learn from the life stories and different perspectives of other students, who may see and hear things from the Scriptures that wouldn’t have occurred to you without knowing them. You also have important contributions to share with others, who can be encouraged by the way God’s grace has worked in your life.

Registration has begun for fall 2017 classes at Calvary Chapel Bible College Costa Mesa, and we invite you—and anyone you know who would benefit—to enroll this semester. You can choose from classes available in the morning, afternoon, or evening, all through the week. Online classes are also available, such as the updated Bible Survey courses featuring the expository, through-the-Bible teaching of Chuck Smith.

A few new courses and program options are available to you this semester:

We’ve launched a two-semester “Christian Essentials Certificate” program for daytime, “gap-year” learners who want to commit to a shorter, more focused time of study while attending three days per week. The same program can be completed by night students in just three semesters. Find out more here: https://ccbccostamesa.com/curriculum/#programs

The Discipleship course (Tuesday morning or evening) will consist of guest teachers speaking on important issues in Christian living for the first hour, then in the second hour of class we will work through the Rose Guide to Discipleship in small groups. The goal is that each student will receive a thorough refresher course on the essentials of following Jesus, and will become able to take others through a similar, informal study with one or two people at a time in the future. Topics will include understanding the gospel message clearly, dealing with temptation, basic doctrine, and habits of Christian living that enable us to walk in the Spirit more faithfully.

Training courses are available to help with specific topics. One of these covers how to study the Bible inductively (based on the text of Scripture itself). The Worldviews class will help you develop a Christ-like response to the various perspectives on God, truth, right & wrong, and what makes life worth living that we encounter all around us in the world today.

Most importantly, the majority of our classes are focused on the Bible itself, going in-depth into Genesis, Romans, and other keystone books that reveal God’s perfect character and His plan, which we were created to participate in as we walk in the Spirit of Jesus.

To register, be sure you have already applied and been accepted. Applications are still being accepted, and are required only for first-time students and for those who have not taken a class for over one year. The application is short and simple, and you can start your application (or new application) from www.ccbccostamesa.com.

Once accepted, log into Populi, our student information and learning management system, and register for courses.

Tuition payments will be invoiced after registration and will be due by September 8th. Payment plans are available for a fee of $25. Tuition is still just $60 per credit, plus a $50 administrative fee that covers technology for the whole semester.

If you need assistance, please give us a call between 10–6, Monday through Friday, at (714) 979-4422 ext. 3232, or email us at ccbccostamesa@cccm.com.

The semester “Kick Off” event will be from 9–11 a.m. this Saturday, August 19th, in the Fellowship Hall at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, and classes begin Monday, August 28th.

We’d love to see you here at CCBC Costa Mesa this semester, and I pray for God’s richest blessings on you as you “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness…” (Matthew 6:33).

May “all these things” be added to you in Christ!

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