San Dimas Satellite Class

Calvary Chapel Bible College Costa Mesa is grateful for the opportunity to partner with our longtime faculty member Joe Monfreda and Calvary Church of San Dimas to offer a live CCBC class in the San Dimas area. Students can begin their in-depth biblical studies toward a certificate from CCBC Costa Mesa, without battling traffic. Additional online courses are also available.

Primary “Live” Course: Apologetics (2 credits).

CCBC Instructor: Pastor Joe Monfreda

Time & Dates: Monday nights, 7–9 p.m., February 5th–May 21st

Location: Calvary Church of San Dimas

Required textbooks: Book 1: Defending Your Faith by Dan Story; Book 2: A Ready Defense by Josh McDowell

Cost: Application Fee will be waived for San Dimas students. Cost will include a $50 Administrative fee plus $132 Tuition for the 2-credit course ($66 per credit). Total cost is $182 for the 15-week, 2-credit course. Students will need to purchase (or borrow) textbooks separately (estimated $25). Payment plans are available upon request (plus a $25 payment plan fee). Spouses of registered students receive a 50% discount off of tuition and the administrative fee.

Audit Students: Students who only wish to sit in on class sessions without receiving credit or evaluation of assignments may “audit” the course with permission from Pastor Joe Monfreda. Cost for audit students will be $100 for the semester, which includes access to Populi. The application fee and the $50 administrative fee will be waived for San Dimas students. A brief online application will be required, available at

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For more information call CCBC Costa Mesa at (714) 979-4422 ext. 3232 or email us at, with “San Dimas” in the subject line. Visit for general information.