Common Questions

What is the cost?

Tuition is $66 per credit ($132 for a two-credit class and $198 for a three credit class). There is also an administrative of $50 per semester to cover technology and basic necessities. This does not include books, which average between $20–$30 per class if purchased new. Total cost for full-time students (15+ credits) is about $1000 per semester. For more specific information see our Financial page.

Does the school provide housing?

CCBC Costa Mesa does not have on-campus housing, so students make their own arrangements for local housing.

Are students required to be part of a Calvary Chapel church?

No, we are a Bible training resource for evangelical, Bible-believing churches in our area, and we have students from over 50 different churches and several denominations. The majority of our teachers are pastors and leaders serving in Calvary Chapel churches.

How many students attend CCBC Costa Mesa?

127 students were enrolled in Fall 2017 courses at CCBC Costa Mesa, with 12-25 students in an average class.

Is CCBC accredited?

CCBC is not accredited by an external agency, but our leadership is re-evaluating whether seeking accreditation would improve our service to students and help us become more effective in carrying out our mission.

Currently, we seek to demonstrate the credibility of CCBC through compliance with generally accepted accreditation standards, credit transfer agreements with accredited colleges, and especially through the spiritually fruitful lives of our graduates.

Many opportunities have been available for students who feel called to pursue further education beyond CCBC. Although CCBC is not accredited, many accredited colleges have accepted some of our courses in transfer, and graduates with our bachelor’s degree have been accepted by some of the finest seminaries in the United States. For more information on transferring from CCBC to other institutions, please write us at

Explanatory note: A school is accredited when it has been investigated and found worthy of approval by an accrediting agency. Some accrediting agencies are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), but others are not recognized. Also, some schools are based outside of the U.S. and are accredited by standards which differ from those of the recognized agencies in the United States.

Is this school only for pastors, missionaries, or future church staff?

CCBC exists to strengthen men and women of all ages and backgrounds, no matter what their calling in life. Most of our students are full-time members of the workforce, representing Christ in normal jobs and also serve in volunteer ministry through their local church congregations. However, CCBC’s immersive Bible training provides a good foundation for those who serve in pastoral and church staff roles, as well as those who plan to attend a seminary in the future.

What is the campus like?

CCBC Costa Mesa occupies the second floor of a six-story building called the K-Wave building (named after our church’s radio station, KWVE 107.9FM). We have four classrooms, an office, and a Library of about 5,000 books, where students can enjoy refreshments and conversation.

Financial Info


New Student Application Fee (one-time): $25

Administration Fee (due at the beginning of each semester): $50

Payment Plan Setup Fee (optional plan breaks tuition into 4 payments): $25


Regular tuition (for credit): $66 per credit

Audit (non-credit): $100 per course

*Audit status is available only for 2 and 3-credit courses.

Refund Policy

A full refund may be given if requested by the end of the second week of the semester, which is the Add/Drop date. Withdrawals can be made in person or by email. No refund will be given if request is made after the Add/Drop date.


Sign Up Now

To sign up as a Bible College student, a simple two-step application is needed. To begin, please complete this pre-application form, and the rest of the application will open for you to complete at your convenience. Once your application is submitted and your three references have submitted their responses, you can expect a response from our office within a week. Registration will be open for all accepted students starting two weeks before the start of the semester.

*If you have not been enrolled at CCBC for a year or more, please select the “Returning Student Application”.